Worst experience with Delta airline

I’m writing this story right now after all those years have gone by, mainly because the bad experience did give me long term trauma. When I thought about it, I still feel the discomfort I had back then.

So what happened?

Back in 2017, summer. Me and my friend decided to meet up in New York, we were going to stay with her friends family. I decided to take delta airline from Paris to New York, that was my first time going to America. It was new and exciting.

  • Technically, I didn’t choose delta airline…

My grandpa’s sister lives alone beside our house. After one of the grandpa’s sibling passed away, she has been living there alone.

Her mental problem started roughly 4–5 years ago or even earlier which I can’t recall. It started with her stating there’s some strangers living next door that tries to harm her, pulling out the electricity and making her ill by spanking her limbs. She was so afraid that she closed all her windows and doors, covered it and tapped it with newspapers. The house was a suffocated womb basically.

She denied hearing voices that tells her what to…

I think I’m like really stressed out. It’s been 1,5 month into the internship, so far I’ve been to thoracic, neurosurgery, cardio surgery and general surgery. I change to different department every 2 weeks, within 2 weeks of time, I need to produce 2 outpatient clinic records, 1 grading essay, 3 hospital stay reports, 2 learning material essays and finally the grading paper that rates my performance.

My report load is actually double of the amount of the PGY doctors, yet I don’t get any pay.

Most of the days I woke up I feel lousy and exhausted. ‘ It’s…




Disclaimer: I’m writing it from perspectives of a foreign educate doctor(me, myself and I) , viewing how the Taiwanese medical system works

Clerkship is indeed much tedious than anything else. This is my 5th week into a total 48 weeks clerkship, every weekend I’ve been counting down to the last day of eventual clerkship ends. 43 weeks to go. (Sigh*)

There are plenty of things that amazed or overwhelmed me. System is polar opposite to the European ones, I’m talking about hardware wise, the doctors here rely much on CT, X ray images, especially in Surgery departments, I’ve barely seen any physical examinations.

There are times I was really freaking out by they didn’t even check the patients on their own but…

I was terrible at reading any images. The black and whites are just mystery to me. I had a chance today, sitting down with my supervisor to learn about brain CT.

Today we have 2 new cases being admitted to the ICU ward.

Case 1: An 80 yo man fell from vehicle a few weeks ago, came into ER with presenting delirium and confusion.

Case 2: an 50yo woman admitted due to cerebellar stroke.

Let’s talk about case 1. The old man fell from vehicle with unknown concussion of the head. Brought by family members to the ER. Confused. They did the brain CT, shows multiple Subdural hematoma, subarachnoidal hemorrhage in frontal lobes bilaterally. X ray shows infiltration that indicate pneumonia. As well as fracture of right femoral neck. …

The PGY doctor in thoracic surgery taught me how to read an x ray.

What to start with?

  1. Always, always the name of the patient!
  2. Now, that you want to see if this x-ray is a good quality x ray. How to see? Usually you see vessels and lines should be occupying the lung 2/3 of spaces.
  3. Now you want to determine whether its a standing or laying down x ray. Imagine when you’re standing up, your scapula raised and so are your clavicles, technically, your clavicle-clavicle angle should be sharper than laying down because your arms are raised. Versus…

My sister used to make madeleine at home. She would make it everyday and every night. Doggo would lay beside her in the kitchen, waiting to get some bites of it. Madeleine is a simple recipe that doesn’t require much ingredient and that anyone can make it! Though she doesn’t eat it too often. According to what she said word by word, I remember this was what she said: DID YOU EVEN SEE HOW MUCH BUTTER IT TAKE?


I’l go ahead and share the recipe that I follow:

For the ingredients, you’ll need:

Eggs 2 ( room temperature)


To sum up a 4 days internship so far, I’d say it’s alright. I didn’t have much expectation, not expecting them teaching me thoroughly, but at the same time they shouldn’t be expecting me to do my 100%.

I started off in Thoracic surgery where it’s a department that’s dominated by guys. Yes, many many males. It reminds me of those days in Hungary where majority of the staffs were males and they made those inappropriate jokes which can be easily interpreted as harassment whilst they claimed they were just being funny.

I had encountered experiences where they deny you…

I got a late night call from the responsible personal for my upcoming internship at the hospital. She explained tomorrow would be the last day for covid-19 vaccination at the hospital, she had asked around and made sure there would be vaccines left. If I was down to get vaccinated the day after.

Initially, I have asked her regarding the vaccination after the outbreak of covid in Taiwan. It literally started roughly around May 10th. A few cases was reported to tested positive in Taipei area. I was then attending the hospital internship selection in Taipei. …

H. L

Not your stereotypical physician. Currently a barista wannabe / casual article writer.

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