Winter days Taiwan vs. Sweden

It finally snowed in the mountain in Taiwan.

If you don't know Taiwan is mainly a tropical country that has variety of landscapes, including the flat field in the mid-south, beach and port along the coast line, edge- like mountain in the east and lastly, spectacular high mountains that goes in the middle of Taiwan, dividing Taiwan into the west and east parts.

The north edge is known for its all year long rain due to the position where it locates. It is always cold and cloudy, rainy over there. While the weather is always sunny in the south, it barely rains.

The temperature has dropped to 5 degree in the night. 0 even in the mountain/ hill area. It is pretty rare I'd say.

Lots people went to get their car geared up, having chains on the wheels and went on to the mountain to see snow.

Yes! that's how rare it is to see snow in Taiwan. The temperature stays between 13-20 degree if there's no pressure waves.

The winds hit hard on the window last night. I woke up in the morning finding out it's only 9 degree.

There's no heating in Taiwan due to its long warm weather all year long. The insulation isn't the best either. The floor designed according to fit in the summer days. Most of the house halls have the tile kinda flooring.

Snow isn't a big deal in Sweden, Rather, it is kinda annoying sometimes. Especially when the snow melts. It leaves all those muddy dirty on the ground. Say, you accidentally fall down. Oops.

During my stay in Sweden, a lot of people advised me how to stay warm.

I worked in a very small town in the middle of nowhere. There's a big lake in the front where the temperature goes down to -10 even in the winter. The lake would get frozen and it's all foggy and white.

' Get some merino wool for the under-clothing.' a nurse in the clinic suggested.

Dressing in Sweden is funny. You don't just wear one layer. You wear multiple layers.

Due to the cold weather, I usually have 2 underpants on. after putting the first one on, I put the socks on to keep the underpants on. Then the 2nd layer goes.

In a very cold days, I have 3 pants on and 2 layers of socks on while having 1 layers of t shirt, 1 layer of sweater and 1 layer of cardigan and lastly, the very warm snow jacket on the outer layer.

Besides that, beanie is important. That to warm your head and ears.

Sometimes when it gets too cold, gloves are important too.

Sweden has definitely taught me how to survive in very hard condition.

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